1. 75% Attendance is compulsory.

  2. If the attendance of student is below 75% she/he will not be allowed to appear in final Examination.

  3. Students are expected to talk in English while in the school.

  4. All the students are required to attend the morning assembly every day. Late comers to the assembly may be sent back home.

  5. Students are expected to maintain complete silence during morning assembly and School hours and, while walking up and down the staircase or verandas.

  6. Students are not permitted to bring mobile phone to the School and use these during school hours.

  7. No students will write anything on the wall, doors or furniture or disfigure or damage School property.

  8. All application for leave is to be signed by the parents. Applications for leave on medical grounds are to be supported by an authentic medical certificate. No student suffering from a contagious disease will be allowed to attend the School till he/she brings a medical certificate of fitness.

  9. No student will be allowed to sit in the Examination unless all the fees have been paid in full up to – date.

  10. No student is allowed to leave the School premises during school hours without prior permission of the Principal. In case of unforeseen emergency the class teacher should be contacted.

  11. Students are not allowed to receive visitors during School hours.

  12. All belongings of a student, that is, books, stationary, tiffin box, water bottle, bag etc. must bear his/her name on them. Expensive items such as gold jewellery, watch, mobile phone, large amount of cash etc. and fire crackers, sharp-edges instruments are weapons should not be brought to the School by any one. The student will be responsible for the safe custody of his /her belongings.

  13. Constant negligence of class work or homework, irregular attendance, disobedience, obscene behaviour, theft and violence will be considered serious offences and will lead to severe punishment or even expulsion from the School.

  14. No motorised vehicle (motorcycle, moped yo-bike, scooter etc.) brought by a students will be permitted inside the school campus.

  15. Students driving motorized vehicle are strictly advised to wear-helmet always for their safety and should carry licence in Original at all time – as per high court order.