The school expects that the parents will.......

  1. The school diary is an important means of co-operation and ordination between the School, the parents and the child, therefore, must be brought to the School daily by the student. Parents are requested to check the diary every day in order to obtain information or message which has been sent to them by the School.

  2. Parents must make their own arrangement for safe reaching and refund of their children to and from the school. The children must be instructed to return home from the School only with known person with who such as arrangement has been made. ‘The School will not responsible if a child goes out of the school with an unknown person or runs away home on its own. All children should leave the School campus within half-an-hour of closure of the School.

  3. The School does not ply a Bus or Trolley-Rickshaw for its students an outsider does this in the name of the School, the School shall be held responsible for any problem arising out of an arrangement made between the vehicle owners and parents.

  4. Parents of Nursery, L.K.G. and Prep should leave there children with school ayah inside the gate. Others (class 1 to Vlll) should be left the main gate of the school as they do not require any assistance going to their classes. Parents are not allowed enter the class room without permission of the Principal.

  5. Scooter and motorbike should be parked by the guardians on left hand side of the school gate. For the safety of the children place leave enough space for them to walk conveniently on the road pavement. No parent is allowed to bring his/her vehicle inside School campus unless permitted by the principle.

  6. Parents should not allow their children to bring any kind of distraction such as cellphones, ipod, electronic games etc. to the School.

  7. Parents are requested to ensure that their children do their home work regularly, learn their lessons, and keep up to the mark in their study.

  8. Parents should also keep a watch on the physical and mental health their children. Special attention should be paid to the eye sight, hear speech, and body co-ordination. Any difficulty or abnormality noticed should be promptly brought to the notice of a completive doctor.

  9. No lunch box, pencil box or any other item will be accepted at school gate for delivery to a student if he or she forgets to bring it with him or her.